iPhone 7 Screen Protector, Nowkin Film Screen Protector for iPhone 7

£12.99 £9.99

Perfectly adapted to the shape of iPhone 7, Ultra-thin: 0.3 mm.

Our screen protective films are distinguished from cheap products above all by their long service life. They are easy to install and instructions are also provided.

Superior quality by Nowkin. Anti-scratch and cleanable.

Easy installation and removal without deposits



Nowkin iPhone 7 Screen Protector in Tempered Glass
This innovative protective film is characterized by maximum ultra-clear transparency and extremely high scratch resistance. Very easy to apply, can be removed at any time without leaving a trace and perfectly transparent, this protective film perfectly matches the outlines of your screen without compromising its functionality.
An antistatic film material!
Avoids dust deposits during installation and can even be cleaned with clean water if necessary and then applied again.
Slippage impossible – Exceptional adhesion thanks to a special silicone undercoat!
No glue! No adhesive! Optimum grip guaranteed on edges!
Extremely robust, durable and designed for constant use!
Long-term mechanical protection of your screen against damage of all kinds, thanks to multilayer and durable synthetic materials.
Package Contents:
• Screen Protector for iPhone 7
• Cleaning cloth
• Dustproof adhesive tape
• 2 buttons Home adhesives


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